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Garmin::dev_property_list_t Struct Reference

#include <IDevice.h>

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Detailed Description

device property structure application side

This structure is used to account for device properties such as the available memory and maximum number of maps. If a property is missing, it can be added. Both the item must be added and a still undefined bit in dev_property_list_t may have to be allocated to indicate that the property has indeed been set to a meaningful value.

Definition at line 306 of file IDevice.h.

Public Attributes

uint32_t allow_duplicated_map_IDs: 1
uint32_t custom_POI_limit: 1
uint32_t ext_dev_properties: 1
uint32_t maps_limit: 1
uint32_t memory_limit: 1
uint32_t product_ID: 1
uint32_t product_string: 1
uint32_t protocols_requestable: 1
uint32_t protocols_set: 1
uint32_t pvt_requestable: 1
uint32_t read_trailing_packets: 1
uint32_t route_pts_limit: 1
uint32_t routes_limit: 1
uint32_t screen_size: 1
uint32_t track_pts_limit: 1
uint32_t tracks_limit: 1
uint32_t undefined: 15
uint32_t waypts_limit: 1

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